Saturday, June 16, 2007

More About Home Firewalls with System Access To Go

We have fixed the home firewall issue. Well, kind of. Now, when you run SAToGO for the first time using a home firewall, you will still have to allow it to run, but that's it. No More; never again. Thanks for your challenging emails, phone calls, and comments asking us to fix that. Just goes to prove once again that when you set your will to do something, it usually gets done.


Anonymous said...

Well I don't quite agree with your firewall issue. Yesterday, it worked fine. Today, I'm back to square one, having to get sighted assistance to check the box on the Avg firewall which says "make this a permanent rule." And the other "Allow box." It matters because it doesn't just affect me. I have been asking a few people to try out Satogo. And the firewall issue comes up with them, too. Maybe, it would be possible to download a little speech something-or-other, before the second launch of Satogo, which would install itself such that it could speak the various firewall boxes so that a blind person could make the correct choices for him/herself.

Anonymous said...
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