Thursday, January 28, 2010

AE HotSpot appliance will make local events accessible

Serotek today unveiled its newest product, the AE HotSpot, at the 2010 ATIA conference in Orlando, FL. This revolutionary appliance, based on the same technology as Serotek's Web-based Accessible Event service, gives people with disabilities access to classroom presentations, seminars, and other events. For the first time, people who have hearing or visual impairments can take full advantage of all aspects of any online or on-site event/presentation.

By leveraging our Accessible Event platform and secure wireless networking technology, Serotek's AE HotSpot appliance allows event participants with disabilities to access slides, Excel spreadsheets, Web pages, and Word documents using their own wireless-enabled computers and access technology in real time. With the AE HotSpot, an event can be accessed from the Internet if the event coordinator wishes, but an Internet connection is not necessary for on-site participants to have full access to the event. That's because the AE HotSpot appliance is a completely independent WiFi access point. This allows the event coordinator and/or presenter to decide what content will and will not be available to the attendees. The self-contained nature of this appliance enables a closed, secure Intranet environment, regardless of whether Internet connectivity is available. However, where Internet connectivity is available, the event coordinator can configure the AE HotSpot appliance to provide wireless Internet access as well as access to the event. The AE HotSpot can also record all event content and publish it on a web site or intranet with no need to install additional software on the target server. This enables anyone to deploy an accessible recording of an event, even if they don't subscribe to the Web-based Accessible Event service.

Serotek will release the AE HotSpot soon. Learn more about the AE HotSpot by watching this accessible presentation.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Serotek at ATIA 2010 in Orlando

Serotek Corporation cordially invites you to drop by booth 520 at the 2010 ATIA conference at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, January 28 – 30.  Come and see hands-on demonstrations of all the latest Serotek technology, including a new surprise or two.


If you’re wondering which sessions to attend at this year’s conference, Serotek’s CEO, Mike Calvo, is conducting a presentation that you won’t want to miss.  “The Art of Being a Change Agent” will be presented on January 28 in the Curacao room ¾, from 1:30 to 2:30. 


When you’re not attending sessions, drop by our booth and learn how you can have access to powerful and portable assistive technology without breaking the bank.  Serotek is the first company offering you the ability to purchase screen reading technology on an as-needed basis through our “Build A Bundle” service.   Starting at just $9.95 per month, you can now have access to one license of the System Access screen reader, with additional machine licenses for only $5 per month.  Try out the System Access Mobile Network, known as SAMNet, with over 2,100 described movies, thousands of radio stations, recipes, TV shows, the Socializer for instant messaging and social networking, voice chat to meet other interesting people, web-based email, and so much more for just $9.95 per month.  For an additional $5, you can provide remote support and training to other Serotek customers, and even access your own computers remotely from anywhere!


When you’d like to carry your SAMNet content with you, you can do so by transferring it to your favorite portable device.  SAMNet supports a wide variety of audio players, allowing members to sync a wealth of content from the network including movies, email, and now, books from the National Library Service BARD program. IN addition to the Victor Reader Stream from Humanware, the Icon from Levelstar, and Braile Plus from the American Printinghouse for the Blind, SAMNet content is supported on the Plextalk Pocket. Serotek is also proud to announce that we will very soon be supporting the BookSense player from GW Micro and we’ll be demoing this upcoming support in our booth.  If you don’t yet have one of these sleek and powerful players, drop by the GW Micro booth #413 and pick one up, or visit for more information.


Ask about Serotek’s free Keys for K-12 program, offering free portable screen reading technology for all grade school, middle school and high school students, ensuring that truly, no student gets left behind.


Serotek’s Accessible Event offers true Section 508 compliance to corporate meetings, webinars, classroom lectures and government projects.  You won’t want to miss getting a look at the very latest exciting innovation from Serotek and Accessible Event, so be sure to drop by our booth and see the technology that organizations and corporations like The Federal Communications Commission and Humanware are using to make meetings accessible to their entire staff.


If you’re not able to make it to Orlando this year, you can still keep up with the latest happenings at ATIA by putting in to your favorite RSS reader or podcatcher, or simply by visiting, where we’ll be bringing you news and interviews from the show floor


The Serotek Team



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Serotek Story Documentary A Must For your Audio Archive

I don’t usually post things from the Serotalk Podcast here, but, The Serotek Story Documentary is so compelling that I figured I would post it. Of course I’m biased!

If you haven’t put the Serotalk Podcast on your RSS, shame on you! LOL! Really though, it is a great resource for information on what’s happening in the World of technology according to a few blind and rather disturbed geeks! So, if you’d like a few laughs and some pretty good information head over to the Serotalk Podcast! And hey, you might not even be sorry you did!

Happy New Year!