Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Ranger Station Blogs About System Access Product Line

I am just humbled at this posting on the Ranger Station blog about Serotek's products. Words can't describe the feelings that came over me as I read word after encouraging word Ranger wrote about products that take up a majority of not only my life, but people like Matt Campbell, Brian Kevelighan, Casey Mathews, Michael Lauf, Bill Sparks, and so many others that are working behind the scenes to bring Seerotek's Accessibility Anywhere from our collective imaginations to reality.

I understand that I have undertaken a huge responsibility at Serotek. one that sometimes scares the pants off of me, because we are asking people to trust us with access to their entire lives. Not just at work but everywhere.

I can be a person of many words when I want to be, but for the first time in a long time, the only words I can say are Thank You God for allowing Serotek to give people a hope for universal accessibility. My only prayer is that when I fall short of the mark, and I will, that You give me the favor and grace in the community to recover and continue moving ahead. Help me to remain transparent.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.


  • Renamed FreedomBox and the FreedomBox Network to the System Access Mobile Network, or SA Mobile Network for short.

  • Renamed the "FreedomBox 2" desktop and Start menu shortcuts to "System Access Mobile Network".

  • Renamed the "FreedomBox 2" sub-menu in the Start menu to "System Access".

  • Renamed the FreedomBox HomeServer to the System Access HomeServer, still HomeServer for short.

  • Renamed the FreedomBox Desktop to the SA Mobile Desktop.

  • Renamed the Assistant to SA Mobile Network Home.

  • Renamed FreedomScan to Document Scan.

  • Replaced references to the Key to Freedom with "U3 smart drive" or "USB flash drive".

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Important: Email Address Transition to the System Access Mobile Network

As you may know, we're currently in the process of renaming the FreedomBox
Network to the System Access Mobile Network. As part of this change, all
FreedomBox Network customers now have a new email address. Old
"" email addresses will remain valid for a short time
during the transition. Your new email address is
Replace username with the same email name you have been using on the
FreedomBox Network.

Whenever you send email using our service, this new email address will be
used by default. However, you can still send email from the old address;
you may need to do this to remove the old address from any mailing lists or
newsletters to which you may be subscribed. To send email from your old
address, follow these steps, which assume that you're using our browser:

1. From the email menu, choose "Send a Message".

2. Choose the type of message you want to send.

3. Press Control+Home to go to the top of the page, then press Tab until
you get to the Accounts drop-down list.

4. Press Alt+Down Arrow, then press Down Arrow until you hear "FreedomBox
(old address)", and press Enter.

5. Press Tab to move to the To field and send your message as usual.

Please start telling your family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts
about this new email address right away. Please also update any mailing
list subscriptions, newsletter subscriptions, or online accounts which use
the old address. We will soon provide a tool which will make it easy to
send an announcement of your new email address to everyone in your address
book. We will also set up an auto-responder so that when people write to
your old email address, they will be told to use the new address instead,
though the email will still reach you.

Please email or call us at (866) 202-0520 if you have
any questions or problems concerning this change. We apologize for any
inconvenience. Thank you for using the System Access Mobile Network.

The Serotek team

Monday, July 16, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Internet Explorer

  • Fixed a bug which caused links and non-link text on some web pages to be combined into a single link in System Access's virtual buffer. As always, please let us know if you find any web pages which System Access doesn't read correctly.


  • System Access now recognizes parentheses, angle brackets, square brackets, and braces as word delimiters, so when you type one of these punctuation marks while word echo is enabled, System Access will now speak the preceding word as it should.

  • Attempted to improve performance when typing in Word, especially when key echo is on. Please let us know if Word still feels unresponsive, or if you encounter any new problems in Word.

  • Improved detection of labels on forms, especially for check boxes. Please let us know if you find any forms that are still not accessible.


  • Added automatic speech feedback in Windows Calculator.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Replay of Mike Calvo's Appearance on the Computer America Technology Show

If you missed Mike Calvo on Computer America, you may listen to this recording of his segment on the show. Great job, Mike!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mike Calvo on Computer America Tonight!

Serotek CEO Mike Calvo will be interviewed live on the Computer America
program tonight July 10th at 10pm to Midnight eastern. Computer America is
the nation's longest running radio talk show about computers. Shows include
up to the moment technology news, interviews with industry experts,
appearances by hardware and software companies, show business personalities,
special segments and lots more. Throughout the Monday through Friday
two-hour program, Craig Crossman and his co-host Carey Holzman take your
phone calls, answer questions and make computers fun. A live chat room lets
you participate online during the show. And don't forget the ongoing
contests with big ticket computer prizes! Computer America is your primary
resource to the world of computers and technology. Mike will be talking
about Serotek and it's plan to provide accessibility anywhere. Current
Serotek customers are encouraged to call in and give feedback as to how
Serotek's products have impacted their lives.

Computer America is carried across the country over the Business TalkRadio
NetworkĊ½. If you cannot find a radio station carrying the show, you can
still listen because the Business TalkRadio Network streams its signal live
over the Internet. The streaming audio is in Windows Media format only, so
you will need to have a player that supports this format. Click the
following link to listen to the show:
If that link doesn't work, then please try this alternate link from Las
Vegas affiliate K-News 970AM:

Monday, July 9, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Office 2007 Ribbon

  • System Access now announces the keyboard shortcuts of the tabs as well as all buttons.

  • System Access now automatically reads the help messages associated with buttons as if they were tool tips, unless you've disabled reading of tool tips.

  • System Access now announces groups of controls as you enter them, by saying something like "Clipboard group".

  • System Access now identifies split buttons, sub-menu buttons, and drop-down grid buttons as such.

  • When navigating a grid such as the one opened by the Insert Table command, System Access now correctly announces the item with focus instead of repeatedly announcing the first item.

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  • The Find Again (F3) command now works correctly.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Adobe Reader

  • Fixed a bug to cause Adobe Reader 8.1 to crash when reading an untagged document.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Text to Speech

  • Fixed problems that some users encountered with DECtalk under Windows XP because of the previous update.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.


  • Fixed a problem which caused System Access to hang in Excel when a user ran some formatting commands. Please test System Access with the features of Excel that you use and let us know if you find any other problems.

Text to Speech

  • System Access now uses the same high-quality DECtalk synthesizer on Windows Vista as it always has on previous versions of Windows.

  • Actually removed the U.K. English version of DECtalk from the list of text-to-speech engines offered by System Access to Go.


  • When System Access starts, it now moves you to the Windows desktop if no visible window is in the foreground.

  • When you toggle key echo or word echo through the System Access menu, System Access now always indicates the new setting.

  • In System Access's audio tutorials window, the Escape key once again works as described in the window's instructions.

  • Eliminated Internet Explorer script errors which occurred when navigating our network with System Access to Go. However, you will currently not be able to activate numbered links by entering the link number when accessing the network this way; this will be fixed soon. This change does not affect access to the network through the FreedomBox browser.