Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SAToGo Beta – Phase 2

Thank you for participating in the first phase of Beta testing for Seroteks amazing online accessibility tool, SAToGo. We are reviewing your many comments and making adjustments to the product in response. The initial reaction from beta users is that SAToGo is an astounding success.

Effective October 15, 2007, the public beta phase is ended. We are now moving into the second phase of Beta testing which focuses on interaction with features of the System Access Mobile Network. subscribers can continue their use of SAToGo indefinitely. Those who are not yet subscribers but would like to continue to use SAToGo are invited to subscribe. A one-year subscription to costs $229 for the first year and $129 for every year of continuous service after that for life. Or you can purchase System Access Mobile, for $499 Seroteks award winning screen reader alternative for PC access at home, on the job, or at school, including a license for a U3 compatible thumb drive. Purchase this package and get a years subscription to at no additional charge. Offer is valid until December 1st 2007. In either case, you will be able to continue to use SAToGo and exercise some of the unique features of the SAMobile Network. In particular, you can use SAMobile.Nets Remote Training and Support feature, connecting to your home or office system directly through the network from anywhere, operating your home system remotely as if you were sitting at the keyboard, accessing your files and using your home systems resources even if you have another screen reader installed on the remote computer. Similarly, on invitation, you can share the desktop of any other SAMobile.Net user, helping a friend fix a system problem, showing someone how to use an application, or collaborating on a key document, again even if they have a different screen reader installed.

If you thought SAToGo was a powerful stand-alone accessibility tool, wait until you try it in its full glory, with access to and the largest concentration of accessible content ever assembled with the visually impaired user in mind. Create your own website, shop, blog, e-mail, access described videos, news, and much more.

And stay tuned to see where SAToGo goes next. Accessibility anywhere. Isnt that the way it should be??

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