Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Changes in System Access

Happy new year! The first System Access update of the year consists mostly of behind-the-scenes work, but a few changes are worth noting.

Napster Browser-Based Player

System Access now supports the browser-based interface to the Napster music subscription service. This means that you can log into Napster and listen to music using a Web browser on any computer. To make this easier, System Access provides the following keyboard commands in the Napster player window:

  • F8 to decrease the volume
  • F9 to increase the volume
  • Control+Shift+P to pause or resume playback
  • Control+Shift+S to stop playback
  • Control+Shift+M to mute or unmute the player
  • Control+Shift+B to go back one track
  • Control+Shift+N to skip to the next track

We hope this new feature will help you more fully enjoy the digital lifestyle. Note that SA doesn't yet support the Napster desktop software, but we plan to address that in the near future.


  • System Access now supports text chat in the latest version of Skype. Specifically, SA will automatically read messages in the chat window, and when you press the grave accent key in the chat window, SA will read the most recent message.

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