Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Changes in System Access

New Browser

  • Added an explanation of keystrokes which changed from the old browser to the new. If you previously used the old browser, this message will appear when you run the new browser for the first time, and never again.

  • In the "Notes" section, voice notes now work in the new browser, as they did in the old.

  • Added support for Audible Manager to the new browser. Note that you must still install Audible Manager on your computer first.

Document Scan

  • When you scan a page with Document Scan in the new browser, the text of the whole page will now be read, as it was in the old browser, instead of just the first line.


  • The keystrokes for moving to the previous and next sentence have changed from Shift+Modifier+S and Modifier+S to Alt+Up Arrow and Alt+Down Arrow, respectively. These commands don't interfere with the ability to open drop-down lists by pressing Alt+Up Arrow or Alt+Down Arrow.

  • Improved support for edit controls in .NET applications such as EdSharp.

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