Saturday, April 5, 2008

Changes in System Access 2.4.7

This update introduces two features related to the accessible digital lifestyle: access to the music search engine and Internet jukebox, and improved access to Major League Baseball's audio and video streams.


You can now use Songza with System Access, in either Internet Explorer or our own browser, to search for songs, listen to the songs you find, create playlists, and more. You can control Songza's music player with the same hot keys as in the Napster Web-based player; for a listing of the special hot keys in either of these Web-based players, press Modifier+F1. We're excited about the access we've been able to provide to this cutting-edge Web 2.0 application, and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, please share them on the Serotek Users Forum.

Major League Baseball Multimedia

This update fixes a few problems which rendered Major League Baseball's subscription-based audio and video streams inaccessible with SA. Again, if you still have problems, please let us know.

Internet Explorer and New SA Mobile Network Browser

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused SA to lock up Internet Explorer when using Windows Update.

  • SA no longer interrupts continuous reading of a Web page to announce changes on the page. This is especially important for news articles which have frequently updating advertisements.

  • Added check boxes to our browser display preferences section which let you indicate that our browser should always use your preferred colors, font, and/or font size, even when visiting a site that provides its own settings. These have the same effect in our browser as the accessibility options in Internet Explorer.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented SA from speaking the new horizontal position after pressing Tab.

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