Monday, May 26, 2008

Changes in System Access 2.5.0

Accessible Digital Lifestyle

  • Fixed a problem which prevented the SA Mobile Network browser from starting the Amazon MP3 Downloader.

  • Eliminated an error message which was appearing when logging into Napster from the SA Mobile Network browser. Note that other error messages still appear when using Napster with the current beta of Internet Explorer 8; this isn't a problem with System Access or the SA Mobile Network browser, but we're still working with Microsoft to remedy it.

  • Fixed problems with the log-in form on

Internet Explorer and SA Mobile Network Browser

  • Improved access to pages such as the home page that have areas which frequently update themselves.

  • Improved access to Google applications, especially Gmail and Google Docs.

  • Fixed a bug in the new SA Mobile Network browser which prevented the browser from coming to the foreground on startup.

Windows Live Mail

This update introduces support for Windows Live Mail, Microsoft's latest desktop email software for home users and the successor to Outlook Express and Windows Mail. As well as providing access to Windows Live Mail itself, System Access now provides fully automatic speech output in Windows Live Installer, making it easy to install and start using Windows Live Mail.


  • If you tap the Control key twice quickly, System Access will stop automatic speech in the current foreground window, such as reading of progress bars and status indicators, until you switch to another window.

  • Improved access to the Microsoft rich edit control, resulting in better access to the freeware Jarte word processor, among other programs.

  • Your SA Mobile Network notes will now be stored on SA Mobile Network servers instead of your home machine and/or U3 smart drive. This means that you'll have access to all of your notes in one place whether you're using your home machine, a U3 smart drive, or SA to Go.

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