Thursday, November 27, 2008

Second SeroTalk Podcast Holiday Special

Listen to the second SeroTalk podcast holiday special

Mike Calvo announced the official release of System Access 3.0, and $200 Black Friday discount from Nov 28 thru Dec. 1st. For more access for less, call 866-202-0520 or visit

Mike Calvo recommends the ultimate coffee, tea and hot chocolate maker technology called Tassimo. He recommends getting the Bosch brand TAS10 for $99 if you have filtered water, or the TAS45 for $129 if you need your water filtered

Michael lauf spoke with Tom bozikis with the
Better Business Bureau at

They discussed reading U.S. and Canadian business reliability reports at

filing a complaint at

online safety and the very informative

Tri-State BBB Consumer Education Blog at

Seven people recommend their favorite websites for purchases.

Four sites mentioned by two or more people were:


Three sites for comparing prices were mentioned: from Google


Other sites mentioned for computers, electronics and tech toys included:


For custom built computers and parts,

For audio gear like mixers and mics for musicians and DJs:


J&R Music -

Two sites for radios, antennas and communications gear:

C. Crane Company -


Daily special sites offering only one product per day updated at midnight:


For cell phones, GSM phones unbranded or also referred to as unlocked:


For fragrances: 


For books, music and movies:

For smaller and personal items:



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