Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dollar General Adding Point of Sale Terminals to All Stores Over the Next 15 Months

Dollar General, a national discount retailer with more than 8,000 stores in 35
states, announced On Dec. 10, 2008 that it will be installing tactile point of
sale devices in all its stores over the next 15 months, so that customers who are blind and visually impaired can independently enter their PIN when using a point of sale device. The announcement is the result of an agreement the company negotiated with the American Council of the Blind, the American Foundation for the Blind, and a blind Dollar General customer from Texas. The settlement was reached without litigation using Structured Negotiations and was negotiated by Linda Dardarian and Lainey Feingold. Direct links to the agreement and the press release:
Dollar General Settlement Agreement

Dollar General Press Release

Dollar General is the seventh national company to engage in Structured Negotiations about the issue of tactile point of sale devices with ACB and AFB, and with the CCB when the retailer does business in California. A list of all POS agreements, as well as all thirty two agreements signed using Structured negotiations is available at
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