Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Season's Meetings from Serotek

Accessible Event makes meetings, lectures, and webinars fully accessible to all participants, and no meeting is too large or too small for
Accessible Event
to handle. We understand that important meetings don’t just happen in huge corporations. To that end, we’ve made a few changes that make it easier and more affordable than ever to bring accessibility to even the smallest group event.

First, any personal Accessible Event day pass or subscription now covers up to ten attendees. We’ve doubled the number of allowed attendees, but we haven’t doubled the price. For $9.95 for a personal day pass, $39.95 for a month subscription, or $29.95 per month for a year’s subscription, you can ensure that all your meeting content is accessible, including MS-Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and web pages.

And while Serotek embraces the spirit of giving during every day of the year, we wanted to present you with something extra special during the holiday season. From now through December 31, you can sign up for a free, basic Accessible Event subscription entitling you to up to three attendees per meeting. Are you a blind student who needs access to classroom presentations? Do you hold a small group meeting every month and you’ve been looking for a way to make it accessible? Do you attend meetings which utilize an inaccessible meeting platform and you’re tired of not having the same level of access as the other meeting attendees? Whether running as a standalone product or alongside other meeting solutions, Accessible Event is perfect for your needs. Use your free, Basic Accessible Event subscription to become a full participant in every meeting you attend. And the best part is: while the ability to sign up for this free subscription ends on December 31, your access to it lasts a lifetime. If you sign up between now and December 31, your basic Accessible Event account will never expire.

So give yourself or someone you know the gift of Accessibility Anywhere and
Sign up for Accessible Event today.

To learn more about Accessible Event, including the basic subscription for up to 3 attendees, personal day passes and subscriptions for up to 10 attendees, and corporate day passes or subscriptions beginning at 25 attendees, visit
AccessibleEvent.com .
or call (612) 246-4818.

Happy Hollidays from the Serotek Team!

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