Thursday, February 11, 2010

Serotek Now Offers Paypal for All Software and Services


Serotek is pleased to announce that you have one more convenient option for purchasing our range of products and services. Effective immediately, you may now use Paypal to complete all purchases of products and services from Serotek, including SAMNet, Software As a Service, and Build a Bundle options. For subscription payments for monthly or annually billed services, you will be responsible for insuring that payments are scheduled in time to avoid service interruptions, as we are unable to set up recurring Paypal billing. When you receive billing reminders for your subscription

services, you'll be able to submit payment through Paypal by following the

Paypal link in the email, or you may continue to allow our billing system

to charge the credit card currently on file.

Paypal is a convenient online payment service designed to securely facilitate online transactions. Using Paypal, your credit card or banking

information is never exposed, and payment is simple and easy. To sign up

for a Paypal account, please visit:

When making a product purchase from Serotek, you will be presented with an option to pay by either credit card or with Paypal. To pay with Paypal,

simply select the pay with Paypal button, fill in your Paypal account

information, and follow the prompts to complete payment. Please note that

Paypal purchases may only be submitted online, and cannot be handled by

phone with a Serotek representative.

We hope you will enjoy this quick and convenient method for purchasing all

your favorite Serotek products and services.

The Serotek Team


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