Friday, March 19, 2010

Serotek at CSUN 2010

Serotek Corporation cordially invites you to drop by booth 820 at the 25th Annual CSUN International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference

at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA  March 24–27. 


Serotek is excited to announce the release of Remote Incident Manager Version 2.1, providing significant enhancements to both visual and audio performance.

Updated methods for redrawing the screen ensure both sighted and blind users enjoy the fastest and clearest simultaneous visual and audio experience on both the remote and local computers. The product that is increasingly being chosen by educators, assistive technology trainers, IT professionals, corporations, universities and government agencies; for remote access, distance education, Section 508 compliance and ease of use; has reached an all new level of technical excellence.


join Ricky Enger for session BLV-2058 in the Madeleine AB PC Lab, March 24 from 12 – 12:30 PM PST, demonstrating Serotek’s latest Remote Incident Manager version 2.1, providing state-of-the-art real-time one-on-one training and support from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.


Visit booth 820 to see hands-on demonstrations of Serotek’s technologies, making your workplace, your classroom, and your personal life accessible. 


Accessibility in the Workplace

Serotek has everything you need to stay productive and connected on the job.

Ssolutions like Remote Access Manager and Remote Incident Manager, allow IT professionals and trainers to accessibly connect to remote computers located anywhere in the world, to offer software installation and maintenance, and one-on-one instruction.  Blind and sighted technicians alike can easily provide support services to all end users, regardless of what assistive technology is being used, or even if no assistive technology is present on the remote machine. 


Serotek’s Accessible Event makes Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and web pages fully accessible to all blind, deaf, deaf-blind and sighted attendees.  Do you need to present content during conferences and onsite seminars?  Visit booth 820 to see Serotek’s new AE Hotspot, the powerful Internet appliance providing wireless access and presentations for onsite attendees connecting with netbooks, PDA’s or other portable devices. Make your corporate meetings and webinars accessible to all meeting attendees, whether used as a standalone product, or in conjunction with another meeting program. 

 Accessibility in the Classroom

For students K-12 in the U.S. and Canada, Serotek provides free screen-reading access on a portable U3 USB thumb drive through the Keys for K-12

program. Students in K-12 and college classrooms can use Serotek’s System Access Mobile screen reader simply by plugging the thumb drive in to any computer, at school or at home.  Students no longer need to be restricted to a computer preconfigured with assistive technology.

Finally, students have full access to any Windows computer and the internet,

right alongside their sighted classmates.  And with Serotek’s Accessible Event technology, Students can now view a professor’s lecture materials as they are presented, rather than needing to make special arrangements.

The Accessible Digital Lifestyle


Whether you’re a student, an employee, or a retiree, Serotek is the first company offering you the ability to purchase screen reading technology on an as-needed basis through our “Build A Bundle

service. Starting at just $9.95 per month, you can have access to one license of the System Access screen reader, with additional machine licenses for only $5 per month.  Try out the System Access Mobile Network, known as SAMNet, with over 2,200 described movies, thousands of radio stations, recipes, TV shows, the Socializer for instant messaging and social networking, voice chat to meet other interesting people, web-based email, and so much more for just $9.95 per month.  For an additional $5, you can provide remote support and training to other Serotek customers, and even access your own computers remotely from anywhere!


When you’d like to carry your SAMNet content with you, you can do so by transferring it to your favorite portable device.  SAMNet supports a wide variety of audio players, allowing members to sync a wealth of content from the network including movies, email, user’s forums, and books from the National Library Service BARD program.  Users can transfer SAMNet content to the Victor Reader Stream from Humanware, the Icon from Levelstar, the Braile Plus from the American Printinghouse for the Blind, and the Plextalk Pocket from Shinano Kenshi.  Coming soon, users of the BookSense from GW Micro and the recently released BookPort Plus from APH will be able to transfer SAMNet content to their portable devices as well. 


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The Serotek Team



Ron Graham said...

After reading this, I'm wondering something, just due to the wording.

You say, "Students in K-12 and college classrooms can use Serotek’s System Access Mobile screen reader simply by plugging the thumb drive in to any computer."

Key word that I'm looking at here is "college". Are you implying that Keys for K-12 will work for college students as well? On the Ultimatum post, there was a suggestion by one commenter that this happen and I'm just trying to understand what I'm reading here. If I'm wondering this, then I'm sure others are, too.

Granted, some high school students are dual credit and take college classes while in high school, and this would certainly apply to them, but that wasn't clear on what you wrote.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

And, yes, for any readers wondering, I'm a paid user of System Access Mobile. I also train several students in a local school district on using their Keys for K-12 screen reader, also educating the teachers on this innovative program. I'm just wanting the information clarified so I can share it with all of them correctly.

Serotek Team said...

Great point. In answer to your question, only K-12 students receive free access to SA Mobile, or more specifically a single license of System Access, which runs on a U3 thumb drive. While System Access Mobile does provide the same functionality for college students or anyone else who has a need to arbitrarily use a computer which isn't preconfigured with assistive technology, it is only free to the K-12 group. Though the technology isn't free to college students, we do want to be sure they're aware of its existence, and with programs such as Build a Bundle and other Software as a Service options, the software should be affordable even on a college student's shoestring budget.

On another note, I'd like to thank you for everything you do to educate both students and teachers about a variety of tools available to make the classroom experience both productive and enjoyable. The fact that you make sure the student is actively involved in choosing what's best for them means they not only learn about technology, but they learn they have the power to make decisions for themselves, and that's the best lesson of all.