Friday, June 22, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Windows Live Messenger

  • The command to read the status bar in the conversation window works again.

  • The typing sound is back.

  • When you start a new conversation, System Access will speak your first message, as it should.

  • When you press the accent grave key immediately after opening a waiting conversation window, System Access will read all of the messages sent thus far. Please let us know if this behavior should be changed.

  • The command to read recent activity in the conversation window is now associated with the accent grave key regardless of keyboard layout. By mistake, it was formerly associated with the apostrophe in the U.K. English keyboard layout; it was probably associated with other keys in other non-U.S. layouts.

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  • System Access now behaves correctly when you try to move to the previous word but you're already at the start of the page or message.

  • Eliminated unwanted mid-sentence pauses in plain-text email messages.


  • When you cross a page boundary while moving through a document with the up and down arrow keys, System Access will now speak the new page number after the contents of the line and a short pause, unless you've disabled optional messages.


  • System Access now provides appropriate feedback when you select a whole column with Control+Space, a whole row with Shift+Space, or the whole sheet with Control+A.


  • Removed the "Optional Messages" and "Read Tool Tips" settings from the System Access preferences dialog in the FreedomBox browser. These settings are now only available from the System Access Menu.

  • System Access now downloads your settings on startup and uploads them on shutdown even if FreedomBox is running when System Access starts.

  • When you change settings on the System Access menu, System Access uploads your new settings in the background, to make sure they will be available wherever you run System Access next.


  • Removed the U.K. English version of DECtalk from the list of available synthesizers in System Access to Go, since we don't include that synthesizer in SA to Go.

  • Replaced the sound that System Access plays when a tool tip appears.

  • In System Access to Go, if a firewall prompts you to allow System Access to connect to the Internet after you've logged in, System Access will speak in that dialog, unless you entered "trial" or "demo".

  • Fixed a keypress handling bug which sometimes caused the Enter or Space key to be "sticky" in the thank-you dialog after sending logs or SA to Go feedback. This bug may have also affected other applications.

  • System Access now correctly reads the fraction "three fourths" when it's represented as a single character, such as in Word.

  • When reading the window title with Modifier+T, System Access now indicates after a short pause whether the window is minimized, maximized, or at normal size.

  • The state of the check boxes in the list view of the Volume Control properties dialog is now read.

  • When using the FreedomBox Network in System Access to Go, the browser now asks if you're sure you want to leave the FreedomBox Network when you press Escape or Alt+F4.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say great job. I am currently running the latest version of SA to Go on my home desktop computer, and it works quite well. I just had a job interview this morning, and I told the interviewer about SA to Go and the other screen readers I have used or am currently using. She was very impressed. Keep up the great work guys!