Friday, August 24, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages.

Internet Explorer

We've made some significant changes to our Internet Explorer-related code in this version. Please let us know if any web pages become unusable or are not read correctly.

  • Changed the rules for determining when a page is done loading. Now System Access can provide access to some web pages that it couldn't before.

  • Optimized the virtual buffer creation code. This should result in faster page loads as well as faster buffer refreshes on pages that use dynamic HTML.

Outlook 2007

  • System Access no longer announces indentation changes when you move through a message line by line.


  • Fixed a bug that caused System Access to crash PowerPoint when opening some presentations in PowerPoint 2003.

Adobe Reader

  • When you up or down arrow beyond either end of a list box, System Access now navigates to the previous or next line of text.

  • Eliminated redundant announcements when entering list boxes and combo boxes.

  • Edit combo boxes are now consistently announced as such.

  • When you navigate past a form control in the virtual buffer, System Access now takes the actual focus away from that control.

  • Added code to force focus back into a drop-down list or edit combo box after the list is closed. This is a work-around for behavior which we consider a bug in Adobe Reader; this bug is only seen when an assistive technology is in use.


  • Fixed a bug whihc prevented System Access from saying "list opened" and "list closed" in edit combo boxes.

  • System Access now announces the signal strength of a wireless connection when you move over the Network icon in Windows Vista's system tray.

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