Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Windows Vista Speech Recognition

  • Eliminated a crash which previously occurred if you started Speech Recognition while System Access was running.

  • Added automatic reading of the voice training wizard, including a progress indication before each new phrase. You can press the accent grave key if you need to hear the current phrase again.

  • Added echo of dictated text. We have tested this in Notepad, WordPad, and Word; we expect it to work in any edit control for which Windows Vista supports dictation.

  • Made the alternates panel (also called the correction box) and the spelling panel accessible.


  • Undid a change that we made about two weeks ago in an attempt to improve responsiveness; this change was causing problems for some users of Word 2003, particularly under Windows Vista.

  • Improved responsiveness when moving through a document line by line.

  • Eliminated extraneous "end of line" messages when moving through an Outlook message character by character, when Word is the message editor for Outlook 2003.

Windows Mail

  • Added code to make sure that the message list view receives focus when Windows Mail starts up. This was a problem when the inbox contained many messages.

Document Scan

  • Eliminated security warnings which were shown when running Document Scan inside System Access.

SA Mobile Network Media Library

  • Fixed a mistake which caused the Media Library to hang if you chose Play or Copy a CD.


  • Eliminated unusually long pauses during continuous reading of documents.

  • Improved automatic reading of dialogs, especially wizards under Windows Vista.

  • Improved reading of status bars.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Matt, Word is back to the way I knew it worked with sa. Now I can use it again. Thanks to the team for the work.

N0Idea said...

Fantastic job on this update -- Word 2003 now works fantastically!!! Keep up the great work, with every update, SA moves ahead in leaps and bounds.