Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Ranger Station Blogs About System Access Product Line

I am just humbled at this posting on the Ranger Station blog about Serotek's products. Words can't describe the feelings that came over me as I read word after encouraging word Ranger wrote about products that take up a majority of not only my life, but people like Matt Campbell, Brian Kevelighan, Casey Mathews, Michael Lauf, Bill Sparks, and so many others that are working behind the scenes to bring Seerotek's Accessibility Anywhere from our collective imaginations to reality.

I understand that I have undertaken a huge responsibility at Serotek. one that sometimes scares the pants off of me, because we are asking people to trust us with access to their entire lives. Not just at work but everywhere.

I can be a person of many words when I want to be, but for the first time in a long time, the only words I can say are Thank You God for allowing Serotek to give people a hope for universal accessibility. My only prayer is that when I fall short of the mark, and I will, that You give me the favor and grace in the community to recover and continue moving ahead. Help me to remain transparent.


Lore said...

I'm just finishing listening to your wonderful interview on Computer Radio America. I hope that you won't dismiss my comment out of hand, but I would like to know if you have any plans to try to help realize the dream of being able to work on any computer, whether it is Apple or Microsoft. You said in your interview that there are many people who are losing their vision, who would benefit from your products, and I'm encouraged by the more reasonable price you offer for screenreading from anywhere. But what happens when that person goes to somewhere that is Mac-based? I work with students who are blind or have low vision and I have been trying to find ways for my students to continue to have accessibility at home. I am presently working on a Mac, and wanted to test out System Access To Go, but can't. I'd love to know your thoughtful comments.

Darrell said...

Actually, if you are running MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) or the upcoming Leopard (10.5) then you can press Command+F5 to access the built-in VoiceOver screen reader. Though imperfect, it does represent access to any Mac computer.

Rick Harmon said...

Hi Mike,

Keep up all the good work your doing. There are many of us out there that realize what you are doing for all of us and your work is very greatly appriciated.