Thursday, July 5, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.


  • Fixed a problem which caused System Access to hang in Excel when a user ran some formatting commands. Please test System Access with the features of Excel that you use and let us know if you find any other problems.

Text to Speech

  • System Access now uses the same high-quality DECtalk synthesizer on Windows Vista as it always has on previous versions of Windows.

  • Actually removed the U.K. English version of DECtalk from the list of text-to-speech engines offered by System Access to Go.


  • When System Access starts, it now moves you to the Windows desktop if no visible window is in the foreground.

  • When you toggle key echo or word echo through the System Access menu, System Access now always indicates the new setting.

  • In System Access's audio tutorials window, the Escape key once again works as described in the window's instructions.

  • Eliminated Internet Explorer script errors which occurred when navigating our network with System Access to Go. However, you will currently not be able to activate numbered links by entering the link number when accessing the network this way; this will be fixed soon. This change does not affect access to the network through the FreedomBox browser.

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