Monday, July 16, 2007

Changes in System Access

This version is available now for all System Access packages, including System Access to Go.

Internet Explorer

  • Fixed a bug which caused links and non-link text on some web pages to be combined into a single link in System Access's virtual buffer. As always, please let us know if you find any web pages which System Access doesn't read correctly.


  • System Access now recognizes parentheses, angle brackets, square brackets, and braces as word delimiters, so when you type one of these punctuation marks while word echo is enabled, System Access will now speak the preceding word as it should.

  • Attempted to improve performance when typing in Word, especially when key echo is on. Please let us know if Word still feels unresponsive, or if you encounter any new problems in Word.

  • Improved detection of labels on forms, especially for check boxes. Please let us know if you find any forms that are still not accessible.


  • Added automatic speech feedback in Windows Calculator.

1 comment:

Grant Hardy said...

If this comment does not belong here, please feel free to delete it. I would just like to share my thanks for System Access to Go. It helps that you listen to our comments and fix the rare bugs that we find. The other day, I was at my grandfather's computer helping him get his microphone working. A few months ago, I would have had to get somebody to read his screen, or battled with Windows Narrator. This time though, I simply entered my account number and password into System Access to Go; it loaded up my settings; and his mic was working within five minutes. I feel that *this* is the twenty-first century: to be able to say to a friend, hey, let me show you this awesome website that I've found. The friend would look at you with disbelief for a minute but would be shocked and admiring of you when within five minutes you had access to the computer, and the two of you were having a jolly good time browsing the website or doing anything else on the computer together. My grandfather, for one, was so impressed. In his eyes, I get all the credit since I know how to access this technology and fix his computer. But really, I owe the thanks to a couple of incredible developers who had the inspiration for getting this technology working.

Cheers! And again, I apologize if this comment is off topic for here. To make it just a little on topic, the bug fixes you mentioned do indeed show up and make SAToGo an even better product! :)